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Toguchi Furniture

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Every filmmaker should have a carpentry, wood working, video under their belt. Here is mine.

DIY Diffusion Frame

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Thought It Would Be A Good Story

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We had a lot of fun producing this! Once I have some time, I’ll upload the behind the scene photos and possibly the lighting diagrams I used for the different looks.

Aerial Work: Tiny Planets


So now I’ve been playing around with taking 360 panoramic images. It’s fun, but a ton of work in post, but if you’re used to taking time-lapse sequences, it’s basically the same amount of editing.  

Las Vegas Wedding //06.16.2017//

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Wow, this was a lot of work, but it was worth it. This wedding was different. Spanning two days, this wedding marched to the beat of a different drum. On day one, the reception and toasts took place at a lavish mansion 10 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. On day two, the ceremony was held […]

Enter The Dojo

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While filming, exposing for slow-motion was something to keep in mind. To properly expose the Sony FS7 (in S-Log2), a lot of light was brought in to record everything (details in the shadows and mid-tones) for filming at 120fps.