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Tips: Filming for Beauty

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Matthew Rosen shares a few tips on how to nail that flat light, beauty, sitcom look. To get started, he places only one, main-light behind, and over the model’s head, creating an accented hair light, that leaves her (temporarily) looking like a silhouette. One bounce card is then placed on her right and left side, […]

Breaking Wind: Drone Capability

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After too many hours spent pre-rendering and editing, I present my drone reel.

The following locations (in no particular order) are featured:

Philadelphia, PA

Chicago, IL

Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY

Orlando, FL

Seattle, WA

Music by: Lettuce, song title “Phyllis”

Phantom 4 Drone Editing: Behind The Scenes


This summer I bought a drone. After roughly 200 flights, I have recorded around 500 gigs of footage (mostly shot in 4K) which makes finding a reliable (primarily fast) hard drive important, if you plan to keep your sanity while editing (how and why a proper external/internal hard drive setup is necessary for editing 4K […]

Sony FS7 Time Lapse Mode

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Check out that crane.

Trapdoors: Music Video

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In the blog’s splash page, there should be a video player with a video ready to play.

Posting Another Test


Testing some new content. Link to Video. Quick idea, how would I get a video player to play as the “featured image”? JRE #790 – Steve Maxwell from JoeRogan on Vimeo.